Don’t be fooled by the name.  Heat pumps combine heating and cooling into one convenient and cost-saving unit.  Air-to-air, water source, and ground source heat pumps all move heat from one place to another.  There’s no combustion process to create heat, which eliminates concerns over fumes, hot surfaces, and byproducts such as carbon monoxide.  Clean, safe, and quiet, these innovative options deliver three times more heating than the equivalent amount of energy drawn in electricity.  Upgrading to a heat pump can potentially trim electric heating bills by up to forty percent.

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At Pierson Technical Services we target the efficient and reliable operation of your heat pump, furnace, and air conditioner in Kanawha Valley and the Tri-State Area.  Along with proactive professional maintenance for all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment, we’re always available to provide helpful advice and knowledgeable recommendations.  Whether you’re concerned with the operation of an existing furnace, heat pump, or cooling system, or are considering an upgrade to a modern alternative, call on Pierson Technical Services at 304-205-9910. With 44 years of experience, we know how to optimize cost-savings and comfort in homes and commercial facilities throughout Dunbar, South Charleston, St. Albans, Charleston, Tornado, Kanawha City, Teays Valley, Sissonville, Pinch, Belle, Hurricane, Winfield, Barboursville, Huntington & Elkview, WV.

Maximize System Efficiency With These Helpful Tips:

  • Filter Changes – A clogged filter blocks air flow to the equipment, causing energy waste as the system is forced to work harder to achieve comfort.  Replace the filter every month, or at least every three months, especially when heating/cooling units are working their hardest.
  • Inspect Ductwork – Unfortunately, in the majority of homes, twenty percent of conditioned air escapes due to leaks, holes, or poorly connected ducts.  Higher energy bills and diminished comfort are often a sign of ductwork issues. A duct system functioning at peak capacity maximizes heating/cooling efficiency.
  • Proactive Maintenance – Furnace, heat pumps, and air conditioners should be professionally serviced every year.  The specialists from Pierson Technical Services perform the necessary upkeep to optimize all aspects of operation, reducing strain on components and promoting maximum efficiency and capacity.
  • Upgrade Thermostat – A programmable or smart thermostat makes it easier to adjust temperature to conserve energy.  There’s no need to maintain an empty home at ideal temperature. Accommodating your schedule not only improves comfort and saves energy, but decreases the demand on heating and cooling equipment.
  • No Manual Setback – Setting back the heat pump’s thermostat manually causes the electric resistance heating to start up.  Designed as a backup to the heat pump, this type of heating is more costly.