Maintaining your entire home at one temperature wastes energy, causes higher utility bills, and fails to accommodate the demands of individual rooms and occupants.  Pierson Technical Services specializes in Whole House Temperature Zoning in Kanawha Valley and the Tri-State Area. This upgrade is not only cost-effective, but greatly increases the enjoyment and usability of your home.  Easily and conveniently target those rooms that are typically overheated or a bit chilly. Avoid conditioning empty rooms, meet the challenge of a large family gathering, and personalize temperature settings room by room. With access to a thermostat in each zone, you don’t need to walk through the entire house to cater to your preference.

Expert Whole Home Temperature Zoning

A zoning system is specifically designed to enhance comfort while minimizing the workload of HVAC equipment.  By dividing the ductwork into independent zones, we provide precision control of heating and cooling and help you minimize running costs.  Contact us at 304-205-9910 for more information, expert recommendations, and seamless installation. With job sites organized to avoid delay, disruption, and damage, Pierson Technical Services ensures rewarding start-to-finish completion.  Our fully licensed, qualified, and experienced technicians make it affordable to enjoy superior rewards and comfort throughout Dunbar, South Charleston, St. Albans, Charleston, Tornado, Kanawha City, Teays Valley, Sissonville, Pinch, Belle, Hurricane, Winfield, Barboursville, Huntington & Elkview, WV.